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Before & After Models

This page is pretty self explanatory.  Before and After Models. This was the motivation behind my site.  One day I thought, I’m going to put up a website with Before and After Model pictures.  I really didn’t expect the site to be available, but it was.  That is how this site started.  There is so much excitement when a woman sits down in the chair. I can feel the anticipation, excitement, and sometimes they are a bit nervous.  What is she going to do to me:-)..  I promise, it is quite painless (and fun) having a makeover.  I promise I’ll even make you laugh.  When I’m finished and the lady looks in the mirror something magical happens.  They’ll start telling stories about how they were going to go to Hollywood to be a model, singer, actress, etc.  Stories start flowing and they seem to be sitting a lot taller all of a sudden.  My fondest memory was a gal that had a weight problem (she was also formerly in an abusive situation).  Anyways, she came over and I gave her a whole new look.  This gal happened to be a co-worker of mine.  After a few days people started asking me what I did to JoElla.  I was a little nervous, “Nothing,” I responded.  “Why?”  They’d then tell me, “There’s something different about her since she went to your house and had her “makeover” done.” Turns out the day she had her facial something changed inside her.  She went on a diet.  She lost 10 pounds in the first week.  She walked taller, was more positive, cheerful, and energetic.  She stayed on her diet and she lost a lot of weight.  She also ended up closing the door for the last time on her “abusive” relationship.  I would have to say that is a Paycheck to my heart.  I get the goosebumps as I write this.  So, the next time somebody says, “it’s just cosmetics, or it’s just a makeover.”  I politely respond, “you really have no idea.”

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